Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions

Sunlight, Light Energy Clearing + Activation, Breath, Movement combined to create magical otherworldly images that capture your auric essence.

 A unique and creative healing modality I that includes a combination of: Intention Setting, Somatic Movement, Breath-work, Smudging, Energy Release / Activation with the sunlight frequency.

I work with Individuals and Couples, and do half / full day Light Realm Session Adventures around Sedona, and I Collaborate with other Healing Retreats as well. Here are some testimonials from my sessions

Experience the joy of playing in light to create art and powerful healing energy clearing in high-frequency nature vortexes.

Light, Energy, Breathing, Movement + sound.

Play art. Be art.

Available to travel internationally for Retreats.

Intuitive Advisor

Intuitive readings, combined with life experience healing and personal expansion

Eyoälha provides wise guidance for people’s lives, dreams, and desires. She supports her clients in gaining clarity to make on-purpose, aligned choices unique to their soul’s inner calling.


InterGalactic. Signed 12×16 Poster Print.
By Light Realm Artist @eyoalha. Mount Shasta, 2019..

Framed photography.

InterGalactic (one of my favourite photos) is available for purchase as a limited edition signed poster!

InterGalactic is an abstract photographic art was created by the refractions of sunlight through a Tameron 70-300 zoom lens. It’s the mirrored image of a sunset on Lake Siskiyou in Mount Shasta, California.

The lake and trees in the background are washed out by the light and colours. The camera was set on auto settings and other than the colour saturation, no filters or photoshop was used to create this image.


Energetic Space Clearing

Rearrangement + Decluttering

Staging Homes for Sale

Breath new life into your living space by creating more inviting and functional rooms.

I use what you already have, edit and add new pieces if desired. I clear everything out of a room, sage and clear the energy, then intentionally place and rearrange the space.


I’m amazed at the unlimited potential of human creativity – I would have lived in that house for years and years, and NEVER would have thought to combine the pieces the way you did. All three rooms are significantly more welcoming, comfortable and are closer to feeling “finished” than I would have ever thought possible, especially without having to spend money on new furniture. In fact, you really should consider this as another perspective to your marketing positioning if you haven’t already (…people could actually save money by hiring you – achieving major improvements without having to spend money on new furniture).

After almost two years of being there, those rooms still felt too “new” and unsettled. I honestly think I could have spent thousands on new furniture and still be left with that same unsettled feeling.mThanks for bringing a warmth and flow into our house – it really feels like a more settled home now. Truly unbelievable!! – Jody

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