Hola! Eyoälha here.
I’m an intuitive, creative, nature-loving spirit.

Eyoälha (Eee-YO-Lah) means – the wind – in Kwakwa’ka’wakw, my grandmother’s language from the North West Coast of Canada.

My life is a journey of perpetual metamorphosis, with a vast and varied life story full of different passions, learnings, and experiences.

I’m passionate about connecting on a deeper level and creating meaningful, intimate moments in all areas of my life and creations.

5 years old at my dads house on Capilano Reserve. Wearing traditional kwakwaka’wakw cedar bark with Abalone shell headdress, shell button blanket + apron design by my dad, made by my mom.
Photo by GW Paterson (1976)

My cultural upbringing, paired with world travel since birth, the ability to SELFF-reflect and learn through experience, has had a strong influence on my views, perspective, and how I move through the world. Every choice and experience has been influenced by my unique upbringing, that has instilled in me a profound respect and connection to land, spirit and art. My family raised me to honour my Kwakwakaʼwakw and Squamish heritages, the land and spirit of my ancestors.

Left to Right: My little brother Kwakwee, little sister Ahbyah, me, Nephews Sekoya and Sahawna. Alert Bay 2022 for Nanny’s Memorial Potlatch.

From my dad @GigaemiKukwits, I learned about art, philosophy, access to otherworldly information, different types of psychedelics, a telepathic connection with land, animals, and otherworldly beings, and the concept of physics as thought to him by his Elders, who had never been forced to attended residential schools. I also learned teachings of the medicine wheel and smudging as a teen while working with my Auntie @Himikalas as a instructor / model for Touch of Culture in the 1980’s.

L-R: My brother/couzin Eric, Uncle Denis and my Dad Gigaemi Kukwits in Alert Bay. My Auntie Himikalas made the tunics, I helped her add the appliquéd designs.
Late 1980’s as a TOC instructor with my Auntie Himikalas.

From my mothers side, I inherited sensitive empathy, understanding of “alternative” ways of thinking and energy clearing / healing (she has always been decades ahead of our time), trusting intuition, and an understanding of things that don’t have words. Without realizing it until later in life, I’ve also passively picked up various learnings she’s honed over the years from working with Indigenous Masters from different Nations.

L-R: My little sister Ahbyah, my Mama and I… 2008ish?

In my third decade, I ran an award-winning interior decor company for 5+ years, which I initially started with my mom to promote her incredible space creating gifts, offering interior re-arranging, Energy Clearing, decorating, staging, and decluttering services combining techniques of energy and space clearing (skills I soon realized I’d also inherited from my momma).

Vancouver Home + Garden Show Award 2006/7?

As I began my 4th decade in 2010, it became blatantly obvious that it was necessary for a major SELF re-set and re-discovery. I sold everything I owned, traveled for a couple of years, and unintentionally began a major transformational healing journey. I created called Jump for Joy Photo Project, spent a year in total as the caretaker on 2 separate healing retreat properties, where I participated and held space in a wide variety of healing modalities and developed a genera of photography I called Light Realm Photos.

I’m currently experiencing my 5th decade, and over the past 20+ years as an intuitive creative/photographer/artist working with, and befriending many different types of healers, coaches and leaders over the years, I’ve developed many skills and interests, both intuitive and learned, which I combine in all of my creative offerings to support you in an empowered and encouraging way.

Everything I offer includes an integrated and ever evolving: me, who is a combination of Artist, Intuitive Advisor, Photographer, Interior Decorator, Art Director, Muralist, Public Speaker, Writer, Community Engagement Activator, playful nature loving spirit and adventurer.

Please take a moment to brows my site. I’ve decided to focus my storytelling and art sharing experiences here rather than on other social media platforms (@eyoalha) which interfere, censor, and limit my capacity to share whats on my mind and heart with Algorithms and shadow bans. I’m going to give “blogging” a go again! No set schedule, just posting, editing and updating when and if I feel like it 😉