Light Portraits


This was my first ever photo session to finally get some professional images for my site. Playing in the forest in the frequencies of Mount Shasta as the sun rose with the alchemist creative photographer that is Eyoälha Baker was just pure joy. 🙂 And we came away with so many gifts!
And this is, of course, the key in these times. We create New earth, we anchor and live new levels of consciousness here through accessing our true soul’s joy.
Not seeking to fill desires and wants of the person/ality or mind, but really dropping deeply into attuning to our unique vibration. – Helen Quail

This was a magical day. The morning of my 40th birthday. This photo session serendipitously happening at the beautiful retreat center and Airbnb called @gurushasta where we were staying. It happened quickly, chasing the morning sun, finding the light, twirling, jumping, dancing, breathing. Feeling awkward for a second in front of the camera and letting that go. 20 minutes later seeing the most luminous images of myself I have ever seen. Feeling so grateful to be seen and captured in this way. Yes, thats me, I think. That is who I really am. This is who we really are. Feeling the power of saying yes. Yes to the angel bird dress. Yes to the gift of this photo shoot. Yes to who I really am- and, the most important part- allowing someone else, in this case, the artist and photographer, @eyoalha to help me bring it out and see it, so I can know it and embody my true essence. – Jessica Shane


Wow! Take a look at these beautiful images captured naturally, no filter added originally. By simply angling the Sun over the subject, it captures their Auric Energy and their individualized light coding within them that the Sun is emanating out. The Photographer is Eyoälha Baker a Sun Imagery Alchemist located in Mt Shasta!  Aurora

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