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Yesterday was pure magic …

An invitation to explore the heart space. From a vulnerable and childlike place, to an empowering and expansive flow state. A whimsical and fun healing experience as we played and danced on a lightworkers playground. Through guided breathwork, movement and energy work, I felt the expansion of my heart move through me like a tidal wave. Expanding farther out than I’ve ever felt before. My body released old traumas and stagnant energies from my physical and energetic body. The left side of me was literally shaking and trembling during the photo session. This was a truly powerful and unique experience. Healing can happen in the most surprising and miraculous ways.

Magical side note – I had mentioned to Eyoälha on the phone prior that I was going to invite the unicorn realm into our session. A unicorn horn showed up in the bottom left corner of one of the pics! While I was sitting on a tree, Merlin (one of my spiritual guides and teachers showed up). He handed me a ball of light into my hands and she captured it in one of the pics! Thank you Eyoälha for your gift to the world. – Olivia Divine

BEST PICTURES EVER! LeeAnn and I met Eyoälha at the designated location and started the session right away to catch the sunlight. I’m not sure how she does it but the pictures are as enchanting as you can imagine it and maybe some more magiccc! It was such a fun experience; she has such bright energy and really helped us loosen up and breathe the light into our body! I will definitely do this again and now I’m going to go pick out my favorite ones because there are wayyyyy toooooooo many!! Thank you Eyoälha!!!!! – Alice Ice

What a beautiful experience and adventure-photo session with Eyoälha was! We went through caves, vortexes, and more!

This Light Realm photo session was more than just taking photos, it was an experience of play and connection to the earth and energy, revealing not only the beauty around but within. I had the most fun I’ve ever had during a photo session. The energy was inspiring and the work was stellar.

Eyoälha is incredible, kind, and loving behind the camera. She has the ability to use the camera and access light in ways that are pure genius. The photos are gorgeous and otherworldly and I’m so grateful for the experience. I look forward to creating photos with Eyoälha for many more photo sessions to come! – Kristina Karim

Creating these Light Realm Photos with Eyoalha was such a joy, filled with spontaneity and exploration. She is fully invested in her work, in capturing your most vibrant, connected self, and in living in the moment that you leave with more than just photos. You gain an experience that will be with you for the rest of your life. – Andreanna Lakovidis

This was my first ever photo session to finally get some professional images for my site. Playing in the forest in the frequencies of Mount Shasta as the sun rose with the alchemist creative photographer that is Eyoälha Baker was just pure joy. 🙂 And we came away with so many gifts!
And this is, of course, the key in these times. We create New earth, we anchor and live new levels of consciousness here through accessing our true soul’s joy.
Not seeking to fill desires and wants of the person/ality or mind, but really dropping deeply into attuning to our unique vibration. – Helen Quail

This was a magical day. The morning of my 40th birthday. This photo session serendipitously happening at the beautiful retreat center and Airbnb where we were staying. It happened quickly, chasing the morning sun, finding the light, twirling, jumping, dancing, breathing. Feeling awkward for a second in front of the camera and letting that go. 20 minutes later seeing the most luminous images of myself I have ever seen. Feeling so grateful to be seen and captured in this way. Yes, thats me, I think. That is who I really am. This is who we really are. Feeling the power of saying yes. Yes to the angel bird dress. Yes to the gift of this photo shoot. Yes to who I really am- and, the most important part- allowing someone else, in this case, the artist and photographer, @eyoalha to help me bring it out and see it, so I can know it and embody my true essence. – Jessica Shane

My experience with Eyoälha was truly a soul guided experience. She is a beautiful inspiring light energy that not only invites you to be guided by the light but also has a unique gift to capture your light. This soul activating experience is truly life changing. If Eyoälha is blessed to visit your sacred city, get ready for miracles. – Sara Wong, Reiki Master / Soul Intuitive at Energy Haus / Soul Wizard Healing 8/21/2020 

Eyoalha has a rare gift –  an ability to attract and capture very high vibrational frequencies and ethereal light bodies that surround us in unseen realms.  Eyoälha’s divine intuition, coaching strategies and photographic skills align to enable an incredibly healing and awakening experience. Her magic is contagious and surrounds each photo shoot with a blanket of light energy that calls out feelings in the body that are yearning to be expressed and seen. Eyoälha is a gift to this world and you have to snag her while you can because I know that very soon she will be off exploring other countries and the Time is Now to do this with her.  You really, do not want to miss this opportunity.

I had the privilege of doing 2 photo shoots with Eyoälha and each one created priceless personal treasures for me as I re-connected with who I AM on a soul level.  I treasure the experience and photo’s are magnificent and made me feel incredibly beautiful and connected with my divinity. I am a HUGE fan of Eyoälha Baker and the Unique Iconic magic that she is able to create. 

Eyoälha is a true Divine Creator able to bring forward a rare physical experience that is captured in real time and space.  Her divinity is connected with something pure and glorious which enables powerful light beings to surround and show up in the photos. Each posture brings about different surprises and each picture and what it brings forward is unique in the colors, shapes and realms that come through. Unexpected surprises can be found during each shoot. Mine came in the form of glitter that surrounded me and showed itself to me through my experience.  The pictures radiate a harmonic vibrational frequency and are adored by everyone who catches a glimpse of them. – Diana Lund

 @eyoalha’s nature as a creative being is inspired, abundant, tenacious & intuitive. I was graced with her presence while staying at @mount_shasta_retreat_center Mount Shasta where she was a welcoming hostess to us. My partner and I awoke early to catch the sunrise where Eyoalha beautifully captured the landscape, sunlight and our souls resonance through Light Realm photos. Her enthusiasm and intuitive guidance settled our nerves, opened our hearts and together we danced and sang. We had the opportunity to review the photos with Eyoalha, her creativity and enthusiasm of the light and soul capture left an impression on my heart. The Light Realm photos have been key to creating my website and communicating my soul to the world. – Maddie Eschrich

The Light Realm photos feel like how I experience life – mysterious, beautiful, and magical. They capture the holy and the human in perfect harmony. The light danced with my energy and was captured in these photos. There is a sacredness and quietness I feel in the photos. Even the ones where I am cracking up. Eyoalha created a safe container for me to allow the soul to shine through. – Michael P. Miller

Wow! Take a look at these beautiful images captured naturally, no filter added originally. By simply angling the Sun over the subject, it captures their Auric Energy and their individualized light coding within them that the Sun is emanating out. The Photographer is Eyoälha Baker a Sun Imagery Alchemist located in Mt Shasta!  Aurora


I am so excited about what you did today I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow. Words cannot express how thankful I am for your hard work and help in changing the energy in there, it really feels like a fresh start. Eyoalha was able to come in and use all the existing furniture and décor and not only completely change the layout allowing for effective use of the space but completely changed the energy of the rooms, creating a warm, comfortable space to work in.

I was so impressed with her creativity, hard work and dedication to changing the space… she was able to use a piece of furniture that always seemed too large in a creative and effective way. The creative way of using the items we already had were wonderful. I have had so many people comment on the shift of energy in the school. I would highly recommend Eyoalha as a design consultant for any space. – Erin

We recently had our office re-arranged and organized by Eyoalha. Ever since it’s been done, our office has a better feeling to it. I don’t feel so closed in, the office has a better energy flow to it, its more comfortable and brighter. She is very dedicated to her job and was more than happy to go that extra mile to make the client happy. We are more than happy with our new office and will be calling her in again for future jobs. I just love what you did to this place. Thank you! – Krista

With the intention of placing my house on the market, I hired Eyoalha to de-clutter and unify my main living areas. I was so impressed with the new space and overall organization of my place that I actually decided to wait on selling. Eyoalha has completely changed the energy of my rooms, creating more fluidity and efficiency to my space. – Deborah

A few weeks before I had an open house to sell my condo, I had clutter in every nook and cranny of an otherwise open floor plan. I knew I had to get organized but was at a loss for where to start. Eyoalha’s Urban Remix was able to utilize and maximize the space in the most appealing way. They even gave me suggestions on what colours to paint it! After just one showing, I sold my Condo at $15,000 over the asking price! I am so happy that Eyoalha was able to help me. They created an open, uncluttered space and the potential buyers could feel what a fantastic place it was to live in! – Stefany

My sister, husband and parents all saw the place before I got a chance to, last night – and while they wouldn’t tell me the specifics so it’d be a surprise, they each told me how unbelievable the changes were. 

When I got home last night – I have to say – I was completely shocked to see the improvements. (To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much you’d be able to do, given that I thought we didn’t really have much to work with.)  

I’m amazed at the unlimited potential of human creativity – I would have lived in that house for years and years, and NEVER would have thought to combine the pieces the way you did. All three rooms are significantly more welcoming, comfortable and are closer to feeling “finished” than I would have ever thought possible, especially without having to spend money on new furniture. In fact, you really should consider this as another perspective to your marketing positioning if you haven’t already (…people could actually save money by hiring you – achieving major improvements without having to spend money on new furniture).

After almost two years of being there, those rooms still felt too “new” and unsettled. I honestly think I could have spent thousands on new furniture and still be left with that same unsettled feeling.mThanks for bringing a warmth and flow into our house – it really feels like a more settled home now. Truly unbelievable!! – Jody

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