Creative Portraits – Musician Lauren Turk by Eyoalha Baker

Creative Portraits – Musician Lauren Turk by Eyoalha Baker


Punk Rock photo creative Published in Rebelicious Magazine issue 36 pages 31-37

Punk Rock photo shoot published in Rebelicious Magazine Issue 36 pages 31-37
Models: Sierra Gesuqwaluck Piroska and Ellie Zogia
Hair: The Salon
Makeup: Madison Mah
Stylist: Erin Harder
Photography: Eyoälha Baker Art Photography
Most clothing supplied by Mine & Yours
Jewellery: Shereen de Rousseau and Spirit Shards
See full credits in magazine…/docs/rebelicious_issue36

Michael Nicholls photographed by Eyoälha Baker

Rene Callipygian and John Wang photographed by Eyoalha Baker

Caolaidhe Lundy. Photographed by Eyoälha Baker

Keaton Soros. Photographed by Eyoälha Baker.

Sierra Tasi Baker. Photographed by Eyoälha Baker.

Charlie Kerr. Photographed by Eyoalha Baker.