Hello world! Welcome to Eyoalha Baker Photography page

Photo by Eyoälha Baker

My name is Eyoälha (Eee-YO-Lah) which means – the wind – in the Kwakwa’ka’wakw language from the North West Coast of Canada. I was born in Canada but find myself at home in many countries. Among other things, I’m a photographer, artist and avid traveler.

Photography provides me the opportunity to share how I see beauty in the world. I’ve always been interested in photography and other than a couple of photography classes in high school and collage (in film photography) I consider myself to be self taught.

I fell in love with digital photography when I bought my first Canon power shot – 3.2 megapixels in 2004 (still my favourite camera). I was so excited to experiment and play with light, motion and framing and to take hundreds of photos without concern of waisting costly film.

I loved that camera so much that I actually risked my life chasing down a thief (Jams Bond style) during Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was very lucky, I got it back and wasn’t harmed :-)  Since then, I have found immense joy in capturing the essence of the moment, and documenting beauty and movement in the spontaneity of life… which is why I love jumping photos! It’s so instant! I love the instant gratification of seeing and playing with the images.

I believe in the positive effects of joy and the creative collaboration between photographer and subject. The combination of my photography experience, intuition, creativity, enthusiasm, joy of play, love of travel and capturing images of people having fun are essential elements that have contributed to starting my Jump for Joy photo project.

I hold a degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University, a Diploma in Media Resources from Capilano College, and attended the Latin American Management Program (LAMP) through the McRae Institute. I was the owner and creator of Urban Remix, an Interior Design company which I ran between 2006 and 2010. I closed the doors to in 2010 to pursue my love of travel and photography. These were just a few pages of my life.. in this chapter I’m playing the role of a photographer set out on a worldwide adventure taking photos of people expressing their joy around the world.

Sounds like fun to me :)

contact me at: eyoalha @ gmail.com